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Outdoor led screen

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Outdoor LED Panel
Aluminum LED panel
Pixel Pitch: 5.625mm
Outdoor waterproof IP66 design.
suitable for both front maintenance and back maintenance Installation.

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Outdoor PH5.625 LED display produced by us adopts uniform size lauminium LED panel. Every cabinet is 360mm*720mm, sharing the same structure and spare parts. It is super light weight, only 7.5KG. It is super slim, only55mm thickness.It has cheap transportation and simple installation. pixel is able to make small size led display get finer, smooth and vivid effect. High gray scale and high refresh rate ICs make our LED screen have even more outstanding visual effect.
We have selected high-efficiency power supplies ,energy saving ICs, big size LED chips for our outdoor PH5.625 pixel LED display, which make our LED displays 40% energy saving and 50% more bright than ordinary LED display.
Our PH5.625 LED panel has front mount installation and back mount installation into one unit. Flexible applications and powerful functions.

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