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Shenzhen TALK Display Technology Co., Ltd. Limited Warranty Terms:
Shenzhen Talk Display Technology Co., ltd. (Herein as TALK LED) guarantees purchases will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of delivery. Warranty terms stipulated below:

1.If a Product is or becomes defective during the warranty period,
Customer shall immediately inspect the product and try to repair the product at customer’s best efforts.TALK LED shall provide connecting plates, screws, net cable, data power cable, leds,power supply etc to facilitate customer repairs. If a Production is detect and customer determines the product can’t be repaired at customer’s facility, Customer need to send detailed product defects descriptions to TALK LED before initiate a warranty return.

2.To initiate a warranty return, customer must contact TALK LED sales representative and request a warranty return authorization.  The defective Product must be returned in the manner required by TALK LED at customer’s expense.

3.Upon receipt of a Product returned to TALK LED under this Limited Warranty, TALK LED will promptly inspect the Product.  If TALK LED determines that the Product is defective and that such defect is covered by this Limited Warranty, TALK LED shall promptly repair and return the products to customer’s facility, shipping expenses from china to customers will be borne by TALK LED. Shipping carrier selection at TALK LED discretion.

4.If TALK LED reasonably determines that the returned Product is not defective or that such defects or failures are not covered or are excluded by this Warranty, customer shall reimburse TALK LED for the expense incurred by TALK LED with respect to the return of the Product.

5.If TALK LED determines the product is beyond repair and covered by this limited warranty. TALK LED shall promptly send replacement spare at TALK LED own costs.

6.EXCLUDED from this Limited Warranty is any damage to a Product or any other damage or loss suffered by the customer or any third party caused by abuse, misuse, misapplication, an improper environment of use, improper or incorrect assembly or installation, modification or repair, neglect of the assembly or accident through the acts or omissions by the customer or any third party, or acts of God or causes beyond the reasonable control of TALK LED.

7.TALK LED shall have no liability under this Limited Warranty after the warranty period expires or the Limited Warranty is otherwise terminated or voided.

8.To define a defective product in this warranty policy, please refered to <Electronics Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China> SJ/T 11281-2007 Substitute of SJ/T 11281-2003.Please contact Talk LED sales or service team to obtain the standards.

This Limited Warranty and any dispute arising under or related to this Limited Warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s republic of china, without regard to its choice of law provisions.

Please contact our service team if you have warranty request: