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Common Failure Trouble-Shootings

Entire LED Display Black
Check again the system connection and power connection are wired correctly according to the schematics provided by TalkLED. Make sure the controller model is correct.

Observe the Power indicator LED at the back-side of every LED panel, Power indicator LED will be constant on if panel get AC power input. If power indicator LEDs are not on, Please follow below steps to check the power sources.


       3. Observe the operating voltage written on the back side of panel; make sure the electricity voltage is correct. Use multimeter to measure the L and N, E to make sure there is not short circuit, if there is use of RCD, not less than 200 ma RCD to prevent the switch from trip off too easily.

      4. Check the power circuit and power switches in the power distribution box are not tripped off; make sure there is power input to LED panels.

      5. Observe the Data indicator LED at the back-side of every LED panel, Data indicator LED will be constantly flashing if panel receives data. If data indicator LEDs are not flashing, Please follow below steps to check the data transmission.

      6. Double check the computer video card and sender card are set to clone mode.

Set the computer video card resolution the same as sender card resolution.

      7. Sending card LAN port has one Red LED on and one green light flashing. Check again ,even replace the LAN cable connecting sending card and LED display.

Row(s) or a portion of LED display go black
         1. Look at the back of LED panels that go black,notice the power indicator led and data indicator LED. Pinpoint the problem-origin LED 
        panel(s) in the LED display system.
         2. If the power indicator LEDs on those LED panels are not on, Please check the switches in power distribution box,make sure they are
        not tripped off, then check again the power cables are   well-connected between adjacent LED panels.Especial, the problem-origin LED
        panel and the panel in the front of it in terms of data/power transmission.
         3.  LED panels have power indicators LEDs on, but Data indicators are not flashing, then check again the signal cables are well-
        connected between the problem-origin LED panel and the panel in the front of it.
 4. Use spare LED panel to replace the problem panel, and give further test to the problem panel, even return it to TalkLED factory.